Band Name: Golden Dawn Arkestra

Location: Austin, TX

Golden Dawn Arkestra's Website:

Who Do They Sound Like?:

A foreign mushroom launched into space on a disco ball

How Are Their Recordings?:

Their recordings are very well balanced considering how many instruments comprise their music. They sound as if a funk/disco band from the 70's were to record in the 21st century, then threw a cozy warm blanket on top.

How Is Their Live Performance?:

Golden Dawn Arkestra is one of the most interesting live shows in Austin! I saw them at Mohawk's outdoor stage and was completely mesmerized throughout the show. They looked like a gang from China Town came out to play some funk. Both the sounds and visuals were psychedelic and vibed throughout the show.

Favorite Song: Stargazer

Overall Thoughts:

Golden Dawn Arkestra is a group of talented people, fronted by all. They will send you into a psychedelic trance via sound, dancing and glitter. I highly recommend you hit up their next show and the one after that!

Reviewed by: J Ray

J Ray's Website:


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