Location: Austin, TX

's Website: http://magnacardamusic.com/

Who Do They Sound Like?:

The Roots

How Are Their Recordings?:

Their recordings are crisp, clean and full of groove. The instrumentals are full of depth like you would find in jazz with the vocals sitting nicely on top.

How Is Their Live Performance?:

They sound as clear and full live as they do in their records. Generally I think live is almost always better and Magna Carda helps prove that point. The instruments are played flawlessly, backed up with some deep bass. The vocals are clear and intelligible and Megz keeps the audience engaged, always keeping the energy flowing.

Favorite Song: Southern Ether


Overall Thoughts:

Magna Carda is one of those groups that will inspire you to both become a better musician and poet. They blend two genres I love, Jazz and Hip-Hop, seamlessly. Honestly, I wish more bands were like them. If you are looking to immerse yourself in a chill, thought-provoking environment, then you need to go to a Magna Carda show.

Reviewed by: J Ray

J Ray's Website: www.jraymusic.com


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